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The Journey of Ruth

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In the menu you can find a direct link to my own newsfeed / blog: The Journey of Ruth.


The eternal sunshine of a creative mind, the urge to express whatever there’s to express and the will to write about my journey made me create this blog… whether it’s about fashion, lifestyle, art, cosmetics, traveling, random stories or absolutely nothing in particular.

I’m at my best when meeting interesting people, having new experiences and creating beautiful things: call it a natural sense of curiosity that ran out of control. There are many persons, things, thoughts and places that inspire me. If I had to give you a list of all of them it would be a varied one: going from Dries Van Noten, Michael Jackson, Bernini, J.R.R. Tolkien to Arne Jacobsen, from the Gizeh Pyramids, Tel Aviv, Capetown and Paris to my hometown Antwerp. I’m fond of fashion but above all I enjoy the large and little things in life.

www.thejourneyofruth.com / info@thejourneyofruth.com