I recently discovered this new jewelry brand, Karolin Studio, which I can’t afford right now but I’m willing to save the money. Karolin, both the name of the creator and the brand, used to be specialized in designing all kinds of interiors before she made the big career move. But her love for rough materials never disappeared. In all the pieces of jewelry she makes, gemstones such as agate, druzy and geode are the central piece(s) of attention. Some are finished with diamonds, others have a golden border.

What attracts me most (besides the design of course) is the story behind the gemstones. The ancient Greek were specialized in giving special powers to certain minerals: Agate for example stands for protection, strength, harmony and geode can help you to see the whole picture, make the right decision before things get out of hand. No idea if this actually works but I do believe in the powers of nature so I’m willing to give it a try!

More info: www.karolin.be
Pictures by Marie-France Vodikulwakidi