Shadow plays are such an inspiring invention of nature, when I was a child I could sit and watch the light creating entire drawings for hours. Living the hectic life nowadays I sometimes forget to sit down and just enjoy the little things. While in fact those moments are necessary to clear your mind and make some space for new ideas. I catch myself quite often answering questions always with that one single word: busy! Since the age of 15 I’ve been working hard for the money and I always enjoyed doing all kinds of interesting things. But the older I get the more I realize that nothing beats a nice walk in a green and silent environment with the sun working it’s magic.



The next sunny day you can spot me under a tree on a blanket, that’s for sure 😉


Wearing: trousers – ZARA, knit – HOPE AT GARDE-ROBE NATIONALE, bag – STAR MELA, sunglasses – ZARA, heels, ZARA

Pictures by Deloin