I was drooling on this coat on the H&M website for a while and when I finally decided I wanted to buy it, only size 42 was available. Great! Karma can be a bitch (using the word karma in this situation is kinda heavy but you know what I mean). A month later, I’d almost forgotten about this wonderful item, I urgently needed to buy new underwear (this was actually urgent, I swear). And what did I see hanging there at H&M in the sales corner… yups! For this, sorry karma I ever doubted your good intentions.


Black Sacha SlippersBlack Sacha SlippersBlack Sacha SlippersBlack Sacha Slippers


coat: H&M, hoodie: WEEKDAY, jeans: ACNE STUDIOS, bag: ALEXANDER WANG, slippers: SACHA SHOES

Pictures by Dries Vriesacker