I’ve always been very interested in astrology even though many people tend to laugh with this “pseudoscience”. Thank God I really don’t care about what others think! What I mean by astrology has nothing to do with reading your weekly horoscope because most of the time this is just a little story made up by someone. Your real horoscope actually is a map or drawing that marks what the position was of the sun, moon and other planets on the moment you were born, their mutual relationship and relationship to a specific place on planet earth.

Most people know their sun sign because this is what every daily, weekly or monthly horoscope talks about. This sign is defined by what the position of the sun was on the moment you were born. If you always had the feeling that the information suited a part of your personality but not everything, that’s normal. And if you realized that not every person born in the same month shares the same characteristics, that’s normal too. Because in astrology there are many other planets influencing your personality.



Ascendant or rising sign

So let’s start with the ascendant or rising sign, this is the zodiacal sign that was ascending on the eastern horizon at the specific moment and place you were born. Your ascendant actually reveals the way others look at you and how you react to the outside world. See it as a mask you wear when you bump into new experiences or a symbol of the qualities you show to others. In contrast, your sun sign, symbolizes the essence of who you are and which characteristics you need to develop in your life. When reading about both of them you’ll realize that just knowing about one of them isn’t enough. Want to know what your ascendant is, check it out via this link.


… and plenty of other planets

And that’s not all 🙂 There’s also your moon sign which, of course, you can find by knowing what the position of the moon was when you were born. Your moon sign will tell you more about your instincts, how you naturally react to certain circumstances and how you emotionally behave when something happens. You can find out what your moon sign is via this link. As the title already mentioned, it’s astrology for beginners. If you ever want to find out all about your birth chart, you will have to visit a professional astrologer. It might seem easy but reading a birth chart and knowing how every planet has its influence requires a lot of experience.

If you want astrology to predict your future it ain’t gonna happen, it’s only one of the many ways to get to know yourself. Because whether you believe it or not, there’s more going on than our own lives on this little planet. Never forget that we’re part of an entire universe instead of a Western world where the only thing that counts are facts and figures.


Drawing credits: Nina Dogmetchi