Since my laptop turned one year old last week it was about time to spoil it with its first real marble sleeve. Ok, it’s not real marble of course but a marble print ;). I actually looked for one in a few shops in Antwerp but none of the sleeves I saw were suitable enough (I might be picky at some point). After a while I just ended my search and MCpro continued sleeping in its way oversized 15 inch sleeping bag.




Right before our first anniversary I got an e-mail from Yuwen who works for the Snupped website. She asked me very kindly if I was interested in writing an article about them in exchange for a product from their website. At first I was like “another product, seriously??” (it may sound fun to get stuff for free all the time but as we all know, happiness doesn’t come from an overdose of free goodies) But when I looked at the website I saw quite some potential presents for MCpro. To be very honest, I just couldn’t choose. After 2 days I decided to go for this gold line marble sleeve designed by Elisabeth Frederiksson and a few weeks later (every sleeve is made after the order is placed to reduce waste and stock) the envelope with my new friend was delivered.

I’m actually very happy with Snuppy (the sleeve’s name), it really looks after my laptop. They survived a first trip to New York (yups, that’s where we have the souvenir from ;)) and later this week the three of us will be heading to Paris. It’s a keeper!




More sleeves, phone cases, pouches, covers and bags via / design by Elisabeth Frederiksson