I actually didn’t know what to write so I started listening to my new ‘on repeat’ song from Mark Ronson ft. Bruno Mars, Uptown Funk. At first it just made me dance behind my computer but I forced myself to focus and type. So here I am, hello!

Did I already tell you I really like dancing? At a certain point in my life it became so dramatic that I listened to danceable music only. I got over it (luckily) but still, it’s a great way to get rid of energy. Instead of going to the gym for 1h, I prefer to play some good tunes and dance around my apartment, wearing funky outfits. It also makes me laugh with myself (and probably also the neighbors) a win-win situation.



At this point I’m aware that my writing has absolutely nothing to do with the pictures in this post but hey, it’s Sunday. I’m going to put my sweatpants on for my daily funky workout.


Wearing: jeans – ZARA, knit – SAMSOE & SAMSOE, t-shirt – H&M, boots – SUPERTRASH, beanie – AVENUE, lipstick – CLINIQUE 

Pictures by Ilja Sura Changlor Smets