There are those same old lists of items you really need to have in your wardrobe. And there’s a 99% chance that the trench coat will be on the second or third spot (probably after the little black dress which is always number one). Well… I do agree but only of it’s a beautiful design. Unfortunately those are hard to find, kept on looking for an example that suited me but there was always something wrong. If it wasn’t the fit, the color was weird or it had ugly buttons. Maybe I’ve been a perfectionist but nothing wrong with that, right?

If you keep on looking, you’ll find it one day. And so I bumped into this trench coat from By Malène Birger. A bit oversized, not too beige, a nice fabric and no buttons! I don’t want to sound superficial but, I kinda love this coat. Sometimes a beautiful piece of clothing really can make me smile.



Wearing: trench – BY MALENE BIRGER, jeans – RELIGION, t-shirt – IRO, heels – ZARA, hat – H&M

Pictures by Ilja Sura Changlor Smets