Two seasons ago nobody wanted to be seen in a Champion sweater but with special help from Vêtements, the classic Italian sportswear label is back on track. It’s actually funny to see how quick a brand or a collection can become a hot or a not and how we are all sensitive to the latest trends. One season nobody cares about a piece of clothing, pair of shoes or bag and the next it’s the only thing you see. The past years we’ve all seen Céline, Adidas, Calvin Klein, Gucci and many others reappearing. Big brands that were kinda forgotten but made their comeback thanks to the right designers, commercial teams and marketeers.

Being back on the market is one thing, staying there is quite more difficult. I do hope that Champion will stick around for more than one season, the brand has been gone to long to become another nine-day wonder.




Wearing: sweater – CHAMPION, jeans – LEVI’S VINTAGE, coat – ISABEL MARANT, boots – ISABEL MARANT, belt – & OTHER STORIES, sunglasses – CELINE

Pictures by Jon The Gold