I have to admit quite honestly that I lost my blogging mojo for a week or two, all the things that were happening in Brussels and around the world just destroyed my vibe. But how superficial it may sound, life goes on and since this journey is part of my reality I’m feeling very blessed to be sitting safe at home, underneath my blanket while writing this post.

A while ago I received this pair of Nike Air Force 1 Ultra Flyknit sneakers but I waited till the first sunny days to wear them. I’ve been running around on the classic white ones (check out the Lustrous post to see the outfit) for a few years now and they still are one of my favorites. So I knew the model and color would fit me but how about the texture and why would you buy both the classic ones and the ultra flyknit version? The answer to that question is quite easy: we’re living in Belgium so because of the weather… of course! I really don’t like wearing warm, closed materials such as leather when it’s hot outside because your feet get all swollen and sweaty. The knitted Airforce 1 can be a good alternative when you love wearing sneakers because your feet can actually breath. On the other hand, when it’s raining the leather ones are a better option because I hate wet, cold feet even more than sweaty ones.

The Nike Air Force 1 Ultra Flyknit is quite a “heavy” sneaker and by that I mean it’s not the most fine and feminine model of the entire Nike range. When I wear them them it’s always in combination with a boyfriend look and a little feminine touch like a midi or maxi skirt. How would you wear them?


More info via www.nike.com
Pictures by Annick Strynckx