Since we supposed to celebrate Valentine yesterday, I’m still wondering why there’s no worldwide day to celebrate friendship because that’s some kind of love too! Or it does exist and I missed it thanks to my head that’s in a cloud from time to time. Anyways… when taking a look at these pictures, the only thing I can think of is thank God I have so many good friends that are always there to help me. I actually should do a behind the scenes outfit post soon so you can see all the funny stuff that happens (and my grumpy face when I’ve had it).

The day we were shooting this outfit it was cold and raining (what’s new) so we decided to take it inside. For a change I didn’t go for my daily make-up because my great friend Justine came to my place to work her magic. It’s so nice to be taken care of sometimes and not to do it on your own.



I’d like to dedicate this post to Karim, Justine and Ilja for being always there to help me keeping this blog alive and kicking. Couldn’t do this without you guys…


Wearing: trousers – HUMANOID, knit – BY MALENE BIRGER, scarf – HUMANOID, bag – WOLF & MAIDEN, sneakers – PUMA

Pictures by Deloin

With very special thanks to Justine De Bruyn for the beautiful make-up